— Nice to Meet You! I'm Lovetta!

From Struggle to Strength

I'm not even gonna lie. Ask me about my career years ago, makeup wouldn't even be in my rear view mirror. That's because makeup and I didn't exactly meet on the best of terms. I was in college chasing a degree I had no passion for. I had no sure idea what I my calling was in life. I also never thought I'd fall in love in college. Get married young. Be a statistic. Yeah.. Being victim of domestic abuse isn't exactly #LifeGoals, but, that's how I came to discover makeup. It was first a way to keep me emotionally busy from a failing relationship. Then it was way to cover bruising and scars from the public. Then one day, I did my makeup the best I can, looked in the mirror and just stood there for a good minute. I stared at my eyes, my rosy cheeks, my full lips, my shoulders, my stomach, my legs, my toes.

I AM beautiful!

I never really noticed this before! What happened to me? I used to be soo happy! How could someone that says they love me, see what I'm currently seeing on a constant basis and exploit it? It was then that I realized the responsibility I had to myself to love myself first, respect myself first. Only then can I relieve myself of all insecurities and setbacks and elevate to a happier, stronger, more confident version of myself. Of course I'm not perfect. I never will be. But being my best me is as close to perfect as I'm gonna get, and that's perfectly fine with me!
Then I wondered: "If only every woman could have this experience. How much more happier and innovative the world could be!
Long story short: I dumped my husband, never used my degree, packed what could fit in a Mazda 3, and moved to ATLanti! #BARS

My passion

It's really quite simple.

I just want to inspire people. I believe that If a person looks their best self, they are more likely feel like your best self, and that gives them the energy to become their best self! Whether it be accentuating your eyes or blushing up your cheeks or doing something new with your hair, Your looks have a direct correlation with confidence and freedom of the mind. Free-minded people are the most happy, successful, innovative, and groundbreaking people on the planet. And happy people just don't kill their husbands! #LegallyBlonde

My artistry is more than just makeup and hair. It's an experience.

I want to talk with you. I want to laugh with you I want to open your heart and mind to all the possibilities of life! I want want you leaving my chair ready to take on life through a new set of lens! If I could positively change the lives of people through the stroke of my brush, Oh boy! I could die a happy woman.

Life begins in my makeup chair.

— LovettaBeauty! At Your Service! —

The Everyday Woman:
Want all eyes on you at the party? Date Night with the boo? Ladies Night? Or just want to treat yourself to a makeover? We cater to your heart's desire!

The Bride:
A Timeless Look For the Time of Your Life! We service wedding parties of ALL races and traditions! LGBT friendly! Both local and beyond! .

Photoshoots, Fashion Shows, Music Videos, Commercials, TV/Films, you name it! We can cover all your pre-production needs no matter how big or small!.

The Pageant Girl:
Want a look that's destined for the crown? Thrive for a presence that steals the heart of the judges? Glitz and Glam and everything in between! We service it all!


To My Future Client,
Whether you are a highschool sweetheart wanting to make a lasting impression at prom, or the corporate lady boss craving for a look that marries both beauty and boldness, or you are a devoted wife and mother that desperately desires to put herself first for once, I am her to listen. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what you believe, your wishes are at my highest regard. The services I provide are always customized to your needs and most coveted desires.
You are ALWAYS welcome at LovettaBeauty.

— Your Investment —

Salon Appointments
Salon Appointments
  • Natural Beauty $65
  • Soft & Clean look perfect for work and everyday activities
  • Glamorous Beauty $75
  • Sexy, Smokey, & Romantic Full Face perfect for date Date Night or Girl's Night Out!
  • Showstopping Beauty $85
  • You are the center of attention with this Dramatic, Bold, and Beautiful Full Face Look. Complimentary glitter and lashes are included in this look.
  • Terms
  • A $30 non refundable deposit is due at booking. Balance is due 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. Failure to make payment at this time will forfeit your deposit cancel your booking. Lashes are included as a courtesy. Any special requests (glitter, extra lashes) will incur additional costs starting at $10 and up.
On Site Services
On Site Services
  • Natural Beauty $75
  • Glamorous Beauty $85
  • Showstopping Beauty $95
  • Terms
  • A $30 non refundable deposit is due at booking. Balance is due 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. Failure to make payment at this time will forfeit your deposit cancel your booking. Lashes are included as a courtesy. Any special requests (glitter, extra lashes) will incur additional costs starting at $10 and up.
  • Photoshoot Makeup $100
  • Terms
  • This includes lashes, onsite services (up to an hour away from MUA location) and a 10-minute touch-up prior to shooting at the location where services are rendered (Base location). A non-refundable deposit of $25 is due at booking. Final quotes over $100 require a $50 non-refundable deposit. Extra Looks: Extra looks start at $65 per look and will increase based on makeup difficulty. Touch-Ups: After final look, touch-up fees start at $25 per hour based on task (simple makeup supervision vs. entire photoshoot assistant). I will be at the shoot for no more than 4 hours total (1 person shoot) before it is an additional cost. Multiple Locations: Multiple locations from the Base Location require a $25 transportation fee per location. Group Photoshoots: Start at $400 for a party of 3. Details (type of makeup, makeup difficulty, location) will guarantee the final quote. A non refundable deposit of $100 is due at time of booking.
Personal Consultation (Makeup Classes)
Personal Consultation (Makeup Classes)
  • Makeup Classes $300
  • This is a 3-hr intensive session using your makeup to effectively create a face customized for your everyday life. You will be learning skills such as finding your correct foundation, highlighting, contouring a many more.
Day Rate
Day Rate
  • A full day is defined as 8 consecutive hours of work with 1 hour lunch break. This booking arrangement is non-negotiable and cannot be changed on the day of appointment. Full price will still be charged even if artist is not used for the full day. Extra charges incur if call time is before 9am and end time is after 7pm.
  • Day Rate: $650
  • The LovettaBeauty Bridal Experience start at $2000 for a party of 7 (Hair&Makeup). Click here for more information. Travel is not included.
  • Depending on duration of filming and budget of production
Trade for Print
Trade for Print
  • TFP's will be considered based on photographer, model, and mood board. A contract will be signed clearly terms such as what services are traded, turnover time, social media benefits, etc.
Cancellation & Miscellaneous Fees
  • Should be made at least 48 hours in advance. Deposit is non-refundable. Cancellations due to weather conditions are not charged. Early Bird Fees: Any call times before 7AM are $25 per hour. Last-Minute Booking Fees: Any inquiries/bookings less than 48 hours to call time require a $35 booking fee. Full payment is required at booking. Refunds/Reimbursements: Reimbursements are only considered in the event that client is not 100% happy with service. LovettaBeauty does not offer refunds, but LovettaBeauty Gift E-Cards/Certificates are issued based on circumstance. LovettaBeauty reserves the right to decline reimbursements for any reason. Final Payment Procedures: The remaining balance for ALL services except for Weddings is due 24 hours before call time or services will be automatically cancelled. Additional service fees accumulated on the day of services will be paid for before Artist leaves the location. If for any reason, payment has not been fulfilled by the time Artist leaves location, client will be given 3 courtesy reminders (email, phone voicemail, and text) before late fees are accrued. Unfulfilled payments after 24 hours will result in legal action.
  • Travel over 45 minutes or outside the Atlanta area is calculated per mile. Client is responsible for ALL traveling fees and/or additional requests the artist incurs

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